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Professor Achilles Milo specializes in under world activities, and was a pivotal player in creating the plague which Roland Daggett attempted to release. He also ruined many people's lives, including an Gothamite Olympian. Milo created an untraceable steroid/wolf derivative for Anthony Romulus, which resulted in Romulus becoming an actual living werewolf. After that incident, Professor Milo was eventually sent to prison, after his apprehension by Batman.


Milo first appeared whilst engineering a plague to infect Gotham City's stray pet population for Roland Daggett. This plague also affected Catwoman when her pet cat Isis attacked her. When Batman stumbled onto this plot to look for the antidote, Milo unleashed an infected dog to attack Batman who got away with the antidote and managed to use some of it on the dog during mid-chase. Milo then attempted to drive a truck to distribute the antidotes. Daggett later told Milo that he'd better make sure that dog did away with Batman because if Batman evaded it, Roland instructs Milo to keep driving as far away from Gotham as the truck would take him.

Professor Milo later reappeared as the one responsible for making an untraceable steroid/wolf hormone (when he got the Alaskan Timber Wolves from the Gotham Zoo's zookeeper John Hamner) derivative for an athlete named Anthony Romulus, which not only enhanced his athletic abilities, but also turned him into a living werewolf. When Anthony Romulus turned into a werewolf in the climax, Milo then realized too late that he had unleashed a monster he could not control.

Milo (who was really a coward at heart) screamed at Romulus that he would give him whatever he wanted, but Romulus lost his human reasoning after the antidote was destroyed and beat up Milo mercilessly like out of revenge and rage for being transformed into a werewolf against his will.Milo was knocked out by Anthony. He was later seen being loaded into the ambulance. When he stated that the police couldn't convict him of anything, Commissioner Gordon retorts; "Don't bet on it."