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Alexander, or Alex for short, was one of Maximilian Zeus' henchmen.


Alex cared little for all the "Greek stuff" his boss did, but played along anyway. But he too saw that his boss was sliding down. When the Electronic Discharge Cannon was aimed at a police blimp, he knew Maxie was too crazy—he would not even fear the law anymore. When Clio argued with Maxie, he ordered to have him tied to the EDC. Both Alex and his partner were hesitant, but Alex complied when he saw his partner go down to one of Maxie's thunderbolts.

When Batman broke into "Olympus", Maxie Zeus ordered Alex to attack him. But Alex refused — he couldn't beat the Batman anyway. So Maxie turned on him, and set his robot harpies on him. Alex outran the machine gun fire and dove in the pool.

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