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GP 17 - Annie
Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Clayface
Father: Clayface (creator/father)
Portrayed by: Francesca Smith
First appearance: Growing Pains
Last appearance: Growing Pains
Appears in: 1 Episode

Annie was a clay creation of Clayface who appears once in The New Batman Adventures


After the events of Mudslide, Clayface remains were expose to some waste chemicals from a pipe near a factory, where he manage to reform himself, However he wasn't strong enough and was unaware of where he was, so he created Annie to look around and return back to him to see if it was safe. Unfortunately Annie forgot her orders the moment she left Clayface and wondered Gotham City.

While continue walking, Annie (who was nameless at that time) end up on the bad side of the city and grab the unwanted attention of some Bikers but was saved by Robin. Afterwards she ran away telling him he can't help her as she was told to keep moving. She later appears again when Tim sees her going to the Bus Terminal as he told Alfred to stop as he dress as Robin.

At the Terminal Annie is seen running as she is nearly hit by a bus but is saved by Robin, who rescued her by using his grappling hook and swing her back to the curb, followed by her crying on his shoulders. Robin then asked why is she running from him and Annie explains that she's running away from a man who is after her, who she said she doesn't know but sees him everywhere, even in her dreams. Robin then told her that he'll protect her and even asked what her name is, which she said she doesn't know and Robin decide to name her Annie (named after seeing a little girl holding a doll), which she agreed on. Just then Annie sense the man who is chasing her around the corner. As the man walked towards them, he revealed himself to be Annie's Father and knocked Robin away as he get closer to Annie, who was saved by both Robin and Batman, who went after him as Annie once again ran away. She reappears again after Robin search the city and found her as she wondered why he's saving her and he told that he knows how it felt having a dad like that. Annie then held Robin's hand and said that he's the only other person felt the same way as her, followed by kissing him on the cheek.

Annie then notice the lights at the Kane Building and she said that it's reminded her what she was suppose to do and described the place , which Robin knows what she meant and help take her there to regain her memory. Turns out the place Annie talked about was the Lighthouse and that she slowly continued to regain her memory the moment she saw the pipes near the factory and both she and Robin enter the pipes. While walking Annie and Robin fell in a tunnel and continued to walk as Annie sense her Father, who revealed himself as Clayface and tried to capture Annie but Robin grabbed her and ran past him. Clayface attempted to trap them in the cage but Robin break out and the two run, when suddenly the leftovers from Clayface began to absorb onto Annie, who now remember who she is.

After telling the whole story, Robin refuse to let her get reabsorbed by him. Suddenly Clayface appeared and Robin told Annie to run as he take on clayface, however upon seeing him being pushed into a vat of chemical, Annie decide to do the right thing and run towards Clayface, not only to push him away from Robin but to also allows her to return back to him, with her last words telling Robin to run as she disappeared forever inside Clayface.

Seeing this Robin became enraged and used chemical water as a means for defeat Clayface and demanded him to return Annie but he said he can't as she is gone forever. After Clayface was defeated by both Robin and Batman, he was taken into custody and when a police officer explain the charges for the robberies he did, Robin suggest adding one more charge, killing the girl he fell for.

Abilities & Equipment[]

Despite being a creation of Clayface, Annie never shown any of her powers other than being absorbing part of his clay when he attempted to stop her and Robin from escaping him. However, because Annie is part of Clayface she can sense him when he's nearby.

Episode Appearance[]