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Arnold Stromwell was a prominent mob boss in Gotham City before turning himself in to the authorities. His estranged nephew Tony Zucco was responsible for the murder of the parents of Dick Grayson.


Stromwell had a difficult past to live up to. As a kid, he was always the one "getting into trouble". His childhood of stealing would eventually lead him into the underground racket. This would eventually grow into a full-time underworld/mob living. In a short time he would become one of the most influential gangsters in Gotham City. His brother Michael, would grow up to be Christian Minister.

Stromwell's criminal influence didn't stop at just himself. His nephew, Tony Zucco, was also rising in the rackets. But Zucco would eventually back himself into a corner he couldn't get out of.[1]

Countless times Michael would try to save Arnold, but Arnold's past came crashing down when his son got hooked onto the drugs Stromwell's thugs were pushing. Then and there he stopped and looked at his life. His marriage was over. His son was a drug addict. His empire was crumbling, because of Rupert Thorne's influence which was quickly taking over Gotham. He decided to turn State's evidence and walk away from his life of crime. With his gangster life behind him, Stromwell lived at peace with his ex-wife, Connie and their son, Joey.[2]