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Arthur Reeves was a Gotham City councilman whose corrupt nature developed even before the start of his career.


Early in his career, Reeves was an attorney employed as an in-house counsel for Carl Beaumont. Reeves also became acquainted with Beaumont's daughter, Andrea. When Beaumont had to flee Gotham, Reeves assisted him in getting a hideout in Europe in order to protect him from the Valestra mob.

A few years later, Reeves started a political career, but the initial campaign required funds he didn't have. When Beaumont turned him down, Reeves turned to the Valestra mob and offered to reveal Beaumont's location in exchange for campaign funding. His betrayal started a chain of events that began with the murder of Carl Beaumont and ended with his daughter, Andrea, becoming The Phantasm and returning to Gotham to eliminate the aging mobsters.

When two of Valestra's former associates were murdered, Reeves blamed Batman for the crimes. Even though Commissioner Gordon refused to assist Reeves in the pursue of Batman, Detective Harvey Bullock organized a special unit to bring down Batman under Reeves' orders.

It was then that Reeves was visited by The Joker, who was the Valestra enforcer that killed Beaumont with the information provided by Reeves. Joker assumed Reeves was responsible for the killings and poisoned him with his Joker venom. Reeves was taken to a hospital, where he was given sedatives to prevent him from laughing to death, but he was also interrogated by Batman about his past connections with the mob. His fate afterwards remains unknown.