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Marion Louise "Mary" Dahl, also known as Baby Doll, was a former actress and now criminal in The New Batman Adventures.


Two years after this incident, Dahl had apparently improved. She seemed to have adjusted to life as a grown woman (as best as she could), having become a hotelier, which also served as her residence. When waiting on some guests, a Love That Baby! marathon was playing on a TV in the lobby, causing the guests to recognize her. One of the guests, who was a rude man, pried her about her hypoplasia. Dahl gave a simple answer, but when the man invaded her personal space, rudely spoke of her crime and then asked her to "do something funny" she snapped, then retired to her room and turned on the TV. While watching a news segment on Killer Croc's latest court appearance, Dahl felt sorry for Croc, as she believed both of them were kindred spirits, misunderstood, "different", and shunned by society. While being transferred from Arkham to State Prison, Croc was freed by Dahl, who staged numerous thefts near water to play up the strategic advantage.

Meanwhile, Croc planned to leave Gotham with all the stolen gains and without Dahl, who found this out and planned one last heist at Mid-River Island. She secretly planned to sabotage the Island's nuclear power plant and level Gotham and its inhabitants, including Croc and herself. However, Batman and Batgirl intervened to halt the countdown and subdued Croc before he could kill Baby-Doll. She mourned his betrayal of her, sadly saying that they could have been happy.