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The Batboat is one of Batman's crime fighting vehicles and served as his main form of transportation via water. It is housed inside the Batcave alongside all of Batman's vast array of vehicles when not in use.


The Batboat was both a high speed boat and a submarine. is a versatile vehicle, able to skim on the surface of the water or completely submerge itself underwater with a retractable canopy.

The Batboat can be controlled remotely using Batman's Utility Belt. The batboat is equiped with a laser gun and a jet turbine for faster movement.[1]

The Batboat can function as a personal submarine. In case Batman needs to reach to the outside while submerged, the vehicle has a lever that allows water to fill the main chamber of the boat in order to equalize the pressure inside so the shuttle can be opened without any risk.[2]



  • The design of this Batboat is similar to that used in the contemporary film Batman Forever.