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The Batcomputer was a super computer that was located in the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor. The Batcomputer was extremely advanced and could perform an innumerable amount of functions. According to Alfred it was worth $50 million dollars.[1] Both Batman and Robin would use the Batcomputer to analyse evidence and clues in cases to find the culprit/s.

The voice of the Batcomputer was provided by Richard Moll, who also voiced Two-Face/Harvey Dent.


Batman used the batcomputer to investigate the crime spree related to pharmaceutical companies in Gotham. Later, he used it again to analyze the sounds produced by Man-Bat, which he found at one of the crime scenes along with some hair belonging to the beast. The Batcomputer couldn't find a match to any animal species in the world, despite it extense sound library. Using the batcomputer, Batman created an antidote for the Man-Bat transformation and reverted the process, curing Langstrom in the process.[2]

Batman can find any information from the batcomputer. He searched the location of a broadcasting signal when Joker hijacked the TV stations. Batman also found the location an abandoned factory when he discovered that it was being used as a hideout by Joker.[3]

Batman used the batcomputer's scanner to analyze the piece of cloth that he took from Scarecrow during their first encounter. The computer was able to locate the companies that can develop such fabric. Later, Batman searched a cross reference between the companies and the former employees of the Gotham University, leading him to the main suspect, Jonathan Crane.[4]

Batman used a special equipment to analyze the air in Gotham when Joker spread his laughing gas across the city. The computer was able to detect the effects of the gas on the human body.[5]

Some time later, Batman analyzed a sample of Poison Ivy's toxin and also he found all necessary information about her background after she poisoned Harvey Dent.[6]


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