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Batgirl (Batgirl Returns)

Barbara Gordon wearing her Batgirl suit.

The Batgirl Suit is the costume worn by Batgirl during her crimefighting work.


Barbara Gordon first dons the mask of Batgirl during the time her father, Commissioner Gordon was framed by Two-Face.

Batgirl (prototype suit)

Barbara's prototype suit.

Her first suit was the same color as Batman's with black gloves, cowl, cape (with the blue inside), briefs, and boots, and yellow utility belt, but she lacks the bat logo. In her first costume, Barbara kept her hair hidden behind her cowl, however the back of her cowl was ripped away by Robin, exposing her red hair, and her cape was the same length as Batman's.

Her second suit had the same grey bodysuit, but with a blue cowl and cape, yellow bat logo, blue gloves and boots with dark blue highlights with no briefs and her cape is now waist length. The facial part of Batgirl's cowl is black.


Batgirl concept art by Bruce Timm 2

Batgirl's weapons and gadgets are stored in her Utility Belt.

Behind the Scenes[]


Batgirl Ready

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