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Batman: The Complete Animated Series
BTAS Complete
Release date November 4, 2008
Season Batman: The Animated Series
The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Studio Warner Bros.
No. Discs 17
No. Episodes 85
Special Features * Special Featurettes
* Previews
* Trailers
Release Sequence
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Double Feature: Sub-Zero and Mask of the Phantasm
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The Batman The Complete Animated Series set republishes the four season DVD sets of Batman: The Animated Series. It comprises the sixteen DVDs of the individual sets (without bothering to update the DC Comics logo), with the same menu's and extra's, and a bonus disc featuring some new material. It also included a booklet with artwork.

The DVD was released in Region 1 on 4 November 2008.[1]


Batman: The Animated Series, Volume Four
  • Disc 17:
  • Shades of the Bat: Batman's Animated Evolution
  • Batman: Gotham Knight: An Anime Evolution
  • A First Look at Justice League: The New Frontier
  • Wonder Woman Sneak Peak
  • Trailers

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