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This article is exclusive to The New Batman Adventures, the sequel to Batman: The Animated Series. The contents of this article are intentionally different from articles about BTAS.
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Batman is the Protector of Gotham City in The New Batman Adventures.


New Adventures[]

Batman spent years keeping the people of Gotham City safe from common criminals and bizarre villains. He had several partners and occasional imitators, such as Batwoman. During his final years working with Dick, a new vigilante called Batgirl began operating with them. Batman eventually deduced her identity to be Barbara Gordon and inducted her into their operations. She would become his most frequent ally and later follow her father's legacy as the next Police Commissioner.

Around that time, Bruce and Dick fell out of favour after he brutally interrogated a criminal in front of a family. After he recruited Barbara without his consultation, Grayson finally had enough and left the role of Robin. Some time after this, Batman rescued an orphaned Tim Drake from Two-Face. To protect the boy from the criminal, he brought him into his care. Inspired by Batman and combination with his own rebellious nature, Tim stole the Robin costume from the Batcave and helped him stop the criminal. Deciding to let him join his war, Batman trained him to become the next Boy Wonder.

Joining Up[]

For a short amount of time, Dick Grayson returned to Gotham as Nightwing to assist his former mentor. While he was a welcome addition, the two of them never truly seemed to forget the argument that caused Dick Grayson to leave. Despite this, the partnership remained stable. Nightwing would spend a decent amount of time in Gotham, but he would later leave to establish himself in another city called Blüdhaven.

Batman would later find himself in Metropolis, having followed the Joker to the city. While his long-time nemesis struck a deal with Lex Luthor, Batman would find himself working with Superman to thwart the plot. After foiling the Joker's plans to kill the Man of Steel and destroy Metropolis, he would return to the city a couple of times to stop villains from his own rogue's gallery.

He would also form an unlikely partnership with the young Static when another case brought the heroes into one another's home city. While these two partnerships did not usually start off well, Batman would eventually learn to respect their abilities and would trust both of them with his secret identity.

Batman had also worked with other superheroes such as the demon, Etrigan, and the Creeper.


In The New Batman Adventures, all color in Batman's costume was replaced by blacks and greys. The yellow ellipse Bat-symbol on his chest was swapped out for the wider (non-oval-shaped) Bat insignia, and his belt was also changed with the color going from yellow to pale brown and the capsules were changed to pouches.