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Wayne's second cape/cowl and utility belt.

The Batsuit is the unique costume worn by Batman during his vigilante work.


Batman wears the costume for the dual purpose of concealing his identity, and to frighten criminals. As Bruce's career as Batman continued, he evolved and updated the suit to keep ahead of technology in the streets of Gotham, using the resources of Wayne Enterprises to do so.

The cape, cowl, gloves, briefs and boots are colored black with blue highlights, while the body of the suit is grey with a yellow and black bat logo. Occasionally the cape and cowl are also shown to be one piece and when Batman's not fighting, the cape is usually seen covering Batman's entire body below his head. The costume lacks any armor qualities, instead being merely a body suit with no apparent special features and it often becomes torn in serious fights. It is occasionally seen packed in Bruce Wayne's luggage or in his vehicles.



The Batsuit's left glove houses a palmtop computer.

While most of Batman's weapons and gadgets are stored in his Utility Belt, the suit itself has a limited amount hi-tech features built in. Some tools are stored inside the boots.

Palmtop computer[]

A palmtop computer is stored in the left glove. After being forced to abandon his utility belt, Batman was able to link the Riddler's Hand of Fate to it.[1] This is also presumably what he uses to communicate his own vehicles, the Batmobile & Batwing.

Behind the Scenes[]


Wayne's original batsuit, designed for flashbacks by Bruce Timm.

Both suits were designed by Bruce Timm.


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