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The Batwing

The Batwing, or Batplane, is a powerful and silent form of aircraft. The Batwing is Batman's main mode of aerial transport. It is shaped like a stylized bat with very long wings that jut out past the "head" of the plane with a "tail" at the rear above the thrusters.

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Batwing's landing place in the Batcave

Bruce Wayne trained as a trained pilot sometime in his youth and was able to pilot virtually any form of aircraft. When he started his crime fighting days he eventually built an aircraft to use in his vigilante work. He used the Batwing when it was necessary to travel longer distances than he could in the Batmobile, his primary transport method, as well as to counter airborne threats, or to ambush enemies from above.

The Batwing has been used in several notorious occasions. Batman used the vehicle in his ruthless hunting of Tony Zucco to bring him to justice for the murder of Robin's parents.[1] Alfred used the Batwing to rescue Batman one time he was kidnapped by Boss Biggis. Alfred used a tracker device and the auto-pilot feature to get to the location where Bruce was being held. Alfred forced the Batwing to land on a very dangerous zone and reached Bruce almost by accident.[2]

During Batman's investigations into Roland Daggett's attempt to frame and incriminate Bruce Wayne, he used the Batwing to interrogate one of Dagget's lackey's before dropping him in Gotham Harbour to the police.[3] Robin flew the Batwing to the bridge where Judge Vargas was blackmailed by crooks employed by Hugo Strange to pick up Batman.[4] It was also used in a deadly mid-air duel with She-Bat.[5]

BAAB 41 - Batwing

Batwing damaged

Batman took the Batwing to confront Penguin, who had stolen the prototype weaponized vehicle known as Raven X1-11 from Wayne Enterprises. Although Batman managed to bring down the vehicle, the Batwing was also damaged and destroyed after the encounter with the Penguin.[6]

It was later repaired and rebuilt and used to rescue Rebecca Fallbrook who was sent over a cliff in a truck by The Terrible Trio.

Batman and Robin traveled to London, England in the Batwing to rescue Alfred and Frederick from Red Claw who was planning to blow up London with a missile. After saving Alfred and Frederick, Batman chased after the missile in the Batwing. Before he could blow up the missile, Red Claw, who had crept aboard, surprised Batman by grabbing him from behind. During the struggle, Red Claw pulled Batman's cowl off. Before she could look at his face, Batman ejects Red Claw from the Batwing, sending her into the River Thames. Catching up with the missile, Batman aims the Batwing's targeting computer and blows up the weapon with one of the Batwing's missiles, saving London from destruction.


The Batwing can travel at super fast speeds making traveling long distances almost redundant and it also has the ability to hover as well. One of the many features it has is a "claw" that can both rip apart things and safely grab people in mid-air. The Batwing also featured a radio with direct connection to police band frequencies.[3]

The on-board computer can pilot the Batwing and land the vehicle as well, according to the terrain conditions or by the pilot's command.[2]