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During H.A.R.D.A.C.'s reign of terror over the Cybertron company, its fourth created duplicant was Harvey Bullock. He is an impostor.


H.A.R.D.A.C. created a robotic duplicant of Lieutenant Harvey Bullock with the purpose to replace the real Harvey Bullock as Lieutenant of the Gotham Police Department at Gotham City. The duplicant fulfilled Bullock's position after the real Bullock went to Cybertron to meet Randa Duane, its creator's first duplicant, on the orders of James Gordon's duplicant in order to be replaced like Gordon and Hamilton Hill.

After Barbara Gordon contacted Batman at the roof of the police station to investigate what really happened to her father, the duplicant appeared on scene and started to fight Batman preventing him from leaving. Gordon tried to intervene by pulling the duplicant's coat, but the duplicant kicked her aside and threw Batman up from the roof entry room and subsequently jumped up to finish off the Dark Knight. Batman grabbed a tube to attack the duplicant, but the duplicant snatched it from his hands and hit him on the shoulder with it. Gordon, however, grabbed the hero's Batline and tied the duplicant's leg just as he was about to step on Batman. Trying to keep the balance, the duplicant fell on the Bat-signal after Batman pushed it, electrocuting it until its cover broke apart. With all its cover destroyed, the duplicant tried to attack Gordon, but Batman threw it a Batarang and decapitated the duplicant, destroying it.