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Buzz Bronski was a notorious mobster in Gotham city and former associate of Salvatore Valestra.


Prior to the arrival of Batman, Bronski was an underling of Sal Valestra, and worked alongside Chuckie Sol. He also had some dealings with Carl Beaumont, who was the gang's money launderer and paymaster. When Carl borrowed money from the mob bosses, the three demanded he pay them back in 24 hours or be killed. Unable to get back the money he had embezzled, Beaumont and his daughter Andrea were forced to flee to Europe. Eventually, Carl was able to parlay his embezzlements into a fortune and managed to pay the mobsters back. Despite this, they were not happy that Carl skipped town, and sent a hitman to kill him.


Years later Valestra retired and Bronski had gone on to be a more prominent gangster. It was unknown what rackets he oversaw, but Bronski was sufficiently rich and powerful to have at least two hoods on his payroll. When Chuckie Sol died, he went to the graveyard to pay his respects. It appears this was done out of some sense of respect for old times and not out of friendship, as Bronski had a rather low opinion of Sol, posthumously telling him he "was always a loser". It was there that he encountered Chuckie's murderer: the Phantasm. Buzz attempted to fight back with a pickaxe, but the Phantasm seemed to be intangible. After chasing him into a fresh unused grave, the Phantasm toppled a statue onto the gangster, killing him. Jake and Dougan, his bodyguards, came to the tomb just after Bronski was killed. The two saw the Phantasm over a hill, but due to the figure wearing a cape and obscured by shadow, they mistook it for Batman, believing he was responsible for killing Buzz.

Bronski's death was reported in the news of the Gotham Gazette the next day, although it was unknown if Jake and Dougan reported his death, or some other figure such as a gravedigger discovered Bronski's corpse and reported it to the authorities. Upon reading of Buzz's obituary in the papers at his penthouse, Valestra realized that he would be next. The turn of events led Valestra to seek aid, which would ironically lead to his demise, although not directly at the hands of the Phantasm.