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Page Monroe, Better known as Calendar Girl was a former model turn criminal who seek revenge on her sponsor for dropping her. She appeared once in The New Batman Adventures.


Paige Monroe was known to be a great model, even being a spoke model for numerous companies such as Donna Day's Fashion, Gotham's Motors and WGBS' studios. However, all three of them announce they would drop her as a client due to her turning 30. Even after her Manager manage to get her on a failed TV sitcom Paige disappeared and never been seen again.

However, during a fashion show by Donna Day, Paige returns to the Public Eye but as a villainess named Calendar Girl, along with her henchman who not only ruined the show but kidnapped Donna Days and only left a page of a Calendar with April 3rd on it. Later at that Gotham's Auto Show she kidnapped Barkley James while leaving another Calendar page on the site, this time with August 7th.

Back at their hideout, which was an old abandon club known as 'FACES' which Paige still own, One of the Henchmen tries to talk to her but accidentally opened the door without knocking, Also exposing her true face as she quickly place her mask back and yelled at him about no one is allowed to see her true face and she and the other head to WGBS' studios to kidnap Frederick Fournier while using Animatronics Dinosaurs on Batman and Batgirl, Afterwards she left one last Calendar, this time with October 27th on it.

At the hideout, Calendar shows Donna, Barkley and Fredrick old photo of her in her youth and explain how their actions destroyed her career. She then appeared with a giant scythe as she plans to use it to kill them and celebrate "Day of the Dead" at the same time, But before she could, Batman and Batgirl arrived and stop her. As she prepared to kill Batman with the Scythe, the projection began to caught on fire, with a still photo of her blocking Batman, causing Calendar Girl to lose focus as it began to burn, leaving Batman enough time to defeat her once and for all.

Later when she and her henchman were being arrested by the GCPD Bullock removed her mask, causing her to scream as she didn't want anyone to see her face. Batgirl commented that Paige still looked Beautiful but Batman pointed out that while she does look great, she's the only one who see her flaws as she looked down on a broken mirror shard. reflection of herself.

Abilities & Equipment[]

As Calendar Girl, she was known to have great memory of her losing her sponsors due to turning 30. She also known to be quite a skilled inventor as she created gadgets used during her kidnapping plan (Such as smoke bomb Easter eggs, a hat that can release fireworks and etc.


  • Despite being an original character for the show, Calendar Girl is shown to be a gender-swap version of Julian Gregory Day, A.K.A Calendar Man who was best known as a villain from the classic Batman comic who would often wears costumes to correlate with the date of the designated crime.
  • The outside of Page Monroe is still beautiful the inside of her can't see that anymore.
  • The reason for Page's method of kidnapping Donna Day, Barkley James and Frederick Fournier and leaving calendar pages of the month and year is because each date represents the moment she was let go due to being 30 years old.