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Candice is an assistant of Rupert Thorne, the resident "top mob boss" of Gotham City.

Physical Description[]

Candice is a slender, beautiful young woman with black hair, red lips and brown eyes. She wears a red suit jacket with matching skirt and shoes with a white shirt and black tie.

In her Detective Leopard disguise, she wears a brown suit with matching skirt and black shoes with a white shirt and black necktie and round framed glasses. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

In the beginning of Bane, she wears a cream trench coat over her red suit with white gloves.


As instructed by her boss, Candice followed Harvey Dent to his psychological therapy and learned of Harvey's condition. She passed this information to Thorne, who used it to blackmail Dent. Candice was present when Thorne used Dent's psychological profile against him. This ended in the accident that caused Dent to become the villainous Two-Face.[1]

TF P2 35 - Candice Leopold

Candice disguised as Detective Leopald

Later, Candice posed as a policewoman to give Dent's fiancée, Grace, a tracking emitter that she would use if she was ever contacted by Dent again. Grace was eventually called by Dent and she activated the device, allowing Thorne and his gang to locate Two-Face. During this final confrontation, Candice tried to take down Two-Face by attacking him with a big vase, but she was stopped by Grace, who grabbed her from behind and kicked her against a wall, comically taking her out of the fight in a comical and humiliating way. When the police arrived, Candice and the rest of the gang was arrested.[2]

B 74 - Rupert and Candice

Candice backing away from Thorne

When Thorne hired the assassin known as Bane to eliminate Batman, Candice was in charge of assisting Bane and she was quite impressed by Bane's abilities, to the point of shifting her loyalties and suggesting Bane that once Batman was dealt with, they could form an alliance to eliminate Thorne. In order to lure Batman into a trap, Bane kidnapped Robin and Candice tried to remove the boy wonder's mask, although Bane stopped her. During the final fight between Bane and Batman, Robin escaped from the water trap, and he challenged Candice to fight him in the water. Candice joined the shirtless Robin and the two of them struggled for a while until Candice noticed Bane had lost the fight with Batman and returned to Thorne's side. Unfortunately for her, Batman had recordings of her conversations with Bane, which he delivered to Thorne along with the defeated Bane. Although she had been exposed as a traitor, Candice's fate remains undisclosed.