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This is a transcript of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Cat Scratch Fever" from season one, which aired on November 5, 1992. It is divided into dialogue sections for better comprehension.


  • Judge: Selina Kyle, you have plead guilty to the charges brought against Catwoman. And you understand that you can be sentenced to as much as 25 years in prison?
  • Selina Kyle: Yes, your honor.
  • Judge: Regardless of the fact that you commited crimes to benefit animals and wildlife, theft is theft.
  • Selina: Yes, your honor.
  • Judge: However, since you did help save Gotham City from annihilation, and the district attorney has recommended a plea bargain, I have decided to sentence you to five years, probation. (Crowd cheers) I'M NOT FINISHED! - But I'm warning you Miss Kyle, if you ever don your Catwoman costume again to violate the law, I'll not only revoke probation... I'll throw the book at you.
  • Selina Kyle: I understand.


  • Reporter #1: Miss Kyle, just one question. Is Catwoman really finished?
  • Reporter #2: And though she's been released on probation, the question still remains -- can this lady leopard really change her spots?


  • Alfred Pennyworth: I do hope you'll be seeing Ms. Selina again now that she's free to prowl again.
  • Bruce Wayne: I don't think so.
  • Alfred: But I thought you'd grown quite fond of her. I assumed the feeling was mutual.
  • Bruce: Almost. She's in love with Batman.
  • Alfred: Oh, dear, these modern relationships can be so complicated.
  • Bruce: Besides, I'm not totally convinced she's given up her criminal life!


  • Selina: Oh, Maven, I can't believe I'm really free! Come here Isis! Where is my little precious?
  • Maven: Um... there's something I have to tell you...
  • Selina: Maven, where's my cat?
  • Maven: I... I don't know. Couple of days ago I left the window opened and she was gone! I think she went looking for you. I searched everywhere... I'm so sorry, Selina.


  • Radio Host: Temperatures have reached record lows as another snow storm heads our way. We advice our listeners to keep children and pets inside.
  • Selina: Isis? (Comes across some street cats) Relax, I'm a friend!
  • Jessy: Flea bags! Dirty lousy stinkin' flea bags! Get 'em, Paunch! - Come to momma, you disgusting furball!
  • Selina: Just what do you think you're doing?
  • Jessy: Catching strays! What's it to you?
  • Selina: You're obviously not the animal shelter, so what do you want with these cats?
  • Jessy: None o' your business! So kiss off!
  • Selina: Fine, but I'm taking my friends!
  • Paunch: Hey!
  • Jessy: You asked for it, sister!
  • Selina: Now tell me, what are you up to?
  • Jessy: Paunch! Do something!
  • Selina: Hehehe! That's one way to take out the trash!
  • Jessy: Laugh this off, sister! - Nail her! - Paunch? Hey! You can't do this to me!
  • Selina: Put a lid on it. sister.
  • Batman: You were supposed to stay out of trouble.
  • Selina: Don't tell me you're my very own private probation officer. How often would you like me to check in?
  • Batman: I'm afraid out reunion will have to wait.
  • Renée Montoya: Alright, what's going on here?
  • Jessy: She jumped us! I wanna press charges!
  • Selina: They were stealing cats!
  • Jessy: Stealing from whom? You dumb cluck! They're strays. We were just rounding them up to find them good homes when this maniac attacked us!
  • Selina: This is insane!
  • Montoya: Sounds like we better settle this downtown, Miss Kyle.
  • Selina: Downtown?
  • Montoya: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


  • Achilles Milo: The speed at which the toxin overtakes the animal's system is something to behold, Mr. Daggett. Even with a species this large. There. You can see the change almost instantly. Careful, sir. One little nip and the toxin will spread through you with the same virulence.
  • Roland Daggett: Good, Milo! Remember, speed is of the essence. I expect this operation to be completed by tomorrow night.
  • Milo: Sorry, kitten, but you heard the man.


  • Selina: Maven! How on earth did you raise by bail at this hour?
  • Maven: Hm-mh (points at Bruce's car)
  • Selina: I see. - Your bail money is safe.
  • Bruce: That's not important, Selina. You are.
  • Selina: Bruce... I like you, a lot... but as a friend.
  • Bruce: I understand. Then, as a friend, may I point out that this arrest could revoke your probation?
  • Selina: I'll worry about that after I find my cat! What I wanna know is what those creeps I met in the alley are doing with a big time attorney from Daggett Labs! I spend a night in jail and he has them back on the street in less than an hour!
  • Bruce: Roland Daggett is a dangerous man, Selina! I'd be very careful.
  • Selina: Don't worry... You won't see Selina Kyle anywhere near Daggett Labs.


  • Lucius Fox: Our sources tell us that Daggett's pharmaceuticals arms, is coming up with a hot, new drug.
  • Bruce: What kind?
  • Lucius: Some sort of anti-toxin. All we really know is Daggett's had his best people on it for months! Why the sudden interest? Think he's up to something?
  • Bruce: That goes without saying, doesn't it?


  • Catwoman: Isis! Oh, what have they done to you, my precious?
  • Jessy: Wow! Lookit what the cat dragged in!
  • Milo: Nasty wound you've got there, pussycat. You gonna lick it and make it all better?
  • Catwoman: What have you done to this animals?
  • Jessy: Nothing compared with what we're gonna do to you, pussycat! - Let's skin that cat!
  • Milo: You two ......... wouldn't have noticed, but she's been bitten! She can run from us, but not the toxin!
  • Catwoman: Isis! -- isis...? What's happening to me? - Isis. - Huh! Stay away from me! No!
  • Batman: Catwoman! It's me!
  • Selina: Batman?
  • Batman: (Feeling Catwoman's forehead) You're hot.
  • Selina: Now you notice.
  • Batman: I've got to get you to a doctor!
  • Selina: No! You can't! Daggett will have me arrested! I have a hideaway... not far... please! -- You know, you haven't told me why you've come to my rescue Batman. Are you getting soft on criminals? Or just on me?
  • Batman: I think the fever's making you delusional.
  • Selina: Ever the escape artist, I see.
  • Batman: What's this?
  • Selina: Isis bit me! It-it... It's not her fault! They did something to her. All the animals! Must... save... Isis...
  • Batman: And we will.


  • Daggett: What's the delay, Milo? You should've had these animals on the street by now!
  • Milo: Uh... uh... right, Mr. Daggett! We're waiting for Paunch. I sent him to the warehouse for a pack of the antitoxin, just in case there are any "accidents" while transporting the animals.


  • Batman: Let's play a little game. I'll try to guess Dagget's plan and you'll let me know if I'm right! - "Viral Antitoxins". For a plague that doesn't exist, yet, but if the plague is introduced via stray dogs and cats, it will blanket Gotham City within weeks!
  • Daggett: Days, actually. You know how many strays there are in Gotham, Batman? Three hundred thousand! Imagine if even a tenth of them carried the virus. Not only will this little bottle make me a hero, it'll make me a fortune as well. Take care of him! - Get 'im!
  • Milo: Batman! -- Attaboy, Fido! Rip 'im to bits! -- I can't imagine he could elude that beast.
  • Daggett: You'd better make sure of that, my friend, because if he does get away, I suggest you keep on driving, as far away from Gotham as this truck can take you.
  • Jessy: Ha! He's dog meat!
  • Selina: No!
  • Milo: He's not coming up.
  • Jessy: Just let him show those pointy little ears!
  • Milo: No one could withstand this degree of hypothermia.
  • Jessy: Guy's gotta be an ice cube by now!
  • Milo: Look out, you fool!
  • Batman: It's off to the pound for you!


  • Maven: Tonight on the news they called you a hero. You keep this up and they'll start making Catwoman dolls. Are you sure you'll be okay?
  • Selina: Go home, Maven. And thanks.
  • Maven: She'll turn up. I know she will.
  • Selina: Isis! Isis, you're alright! But how?...