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Catwoman looking sheepish

Selina Kyle wearing her Catwoman costume.

The Catsuit is the costume worn by Selina Kyle during her robberies as Catwoman.


The suit is dark grey with long black gloves and boots, with a yellow utility belt around her waist. Catwoman's cowl is the same color grey as her suit with a black portion of the mask, which gave her face the appearance of a seal-point Siamese cat, while the suit gave her body the voluptuous appearance of a pantheress.


TCTC I 18 - Catwoman

Catwoman unsheathing her claws.

Catwoman keeps her weapons and equipment in her Utility Belt and her whip attached to her belt. Some small tools are stored inside her shoes.

Catwoman's gloves are fitted with retractable claws in her fingers that can be used for climbing buildings, cutting holes in glass, cutting ropes, and picking locks. She also uses her claws in combat.

Behind the Scenes[]

Catwoman Bruce Timm

Catwoman's suit was designed by Bruce Timm.


  • The only episode where Selina doesn't wear her costume was Tyger, Tyger.