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This is background information and production notes of the episode Catwalk, from season two of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production Notes[]

  • Scarface makes reference to Tweety's famous line "I tawt I taw a putty tat".
  • The repeated phrase "The cat who walks by herself" is a reference to the Rudyard Kipling's story "The Cat Who Walked by Herself".
  • Catwoman's line "the lady or the tiger" is a reference to Frank R. Stockton's The Lady, or the Tiger?. It was also used by Catwoman in the 1966 Batman TV series episode "The Purr-fect Crime".
  • The Tasmanian Tiger is actually not a species of a cat at all but a thylacine, and extinct species of marsupial originally found in Australia. It is also sometimes called the Tasmanian Wolf.
  • Director Boyd Kirkland has listed this episode among his favorite to have worked on during Batman: The Animated Series, describing Catwoman as a "complicated, interesting and sexy character".
  • From an airdate perspective, this episode marks the last appearance of Catwoman.

Production inconsistencies[]

  • Catwoman goes from gaining and losing pupils throughout the episode.
  • When Scarface is first seen in the control room, he's talking to a potential buyer on the phone, with the handset held up to his own head. The Ventriloquist as Scarface would both be unable to be heard by the buyer and be unable to hear them, with the handset held to Scarface's head instead of the Ventriloquist's own.
  • When Scarface is speaking to Catwoman in the control room, Ventriloquist is using both of his arms to move Scarface's arms, yet Scarface's mouth is still moving.
  • After Selina says "Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in anywhere" when leaving the museum, Bruce's eyes turn the same shade as Selina's.


"Catwalk" has been released twice as part of the following Home video sets: