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"I am the cat who walks by herself."

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is a famous vigilante and occasional thief that; is the love interest of Bruce Wayne. Even though she occasionally steals she only steals to give poor money or something to eat as rich people can buy their stuff back.

Physical Description[]

Selina Kyle/Catwoman is a beautiful, hourglass-figured young woman. She sports shoulder length blonde hair, captivating green eyes and red lips.

As Selina Kyle, she wears various dresses with suit jackets and trench coats and black heeled shoes. She also sports opal earrings.

As Catwoman, she wears a grey skintight bodysuit with long black gloves and boots, a yellow utility belt, and a grey cowl with added cat ears and a black facial front.


Born into a rich family, Selina Kyle is a socialite in Gotham City who became the anti-heroine called the Catwoman. Lured by the thrill of the hunt, she steals rare and beautiful objects for poor people.

Catwoman also enjoys a special bond with real cats, and all felines, tame or wild, instinctively trust her. She is often helped by her personal assistant Maven and her trusted pet Isis.

Red Claw Incident[]

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During her first actions as Catwoman, she often used Isis to steal valuable items, and this attracted the attention of the Dark Knight. However, during their first encounters Batman allowed her to escape and she took the advantage. Around this time, Selina tried to save some wildlife territory and for that purpose, she payed 10 thousand dollars on an auction which gained her a date with Bruce Wayne. During their date, Selina informed Bruce that she was trying to get a wildlife territory from Multigon Enterprises and Bruce did his best to help her. When this failed, Selina was forced to infiltrate Multigon and learn their secret agenda and she discovered that the company was working with the international terrorist Red Claw.

Her actions against Multigon placed Selina in a dangerous position as Red Claw and her terrorist organization began a manhunt against her. In return, Catwoman went to their secret base of operations, where she planned to get enough evidence to deliver to the authorities and stop their illegal activities.

TCTC II 56 - Catwoman Arrested

Catwoman arrested

However, she didn't realize the real danger of the situation and Batman was forced to save her. Despite their combined efforts, Catwoman and Batman were captured by Red Claw and left to die in a deathly trap. Catwoman freed them both and while Batman destroyed the entire place, Catwoman confronted Red Claw. She lost the fight but was eventually saved by a mountain lion and soon the GCPD arrived to deal with the terrorists. Selina returned home, thinking herself victorious, but Batman was waiting for her and, showing signs of remorse, Batman arrested her.

Daggett Scheme[]

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Catwoman stood trial and was granted parole, under five years of probation time in which she couldn't use the Catwoman outfit for any criminal activities. Unfortunately, after her release, she learned of her cat, Isis's disappearance and she went out on the streets looking for her pet. While searching for Isis, Selina came across a couple of men working for Roland Daggett who were apparently taking away stray animals, but Selina suspected something different. She spent one night in prison until Bruce paid her fine and he warned her to stay away from Daggett.

CSF 51 - Batman and Selina

Batman takes care of Selina, who is affected by the virus

Selina didn't heed Bruce's advice and she went to investigate Dagget's laboratories as Catwoman. There, she discovered that Daggett has been running experiments on animals in order to infect them with a lethal virus that will be spread among humans. Catwoman found Isis in the facility, but when she freed her cat, Isis bit her and ran away. Catwoman managed to escape from Daggett's henchmen, but the virus had already kicked in her system, and she couldn't stand much longer. Batman arrived in time to help her and once he stopped Dagget's scheme, he provided her the antidote needed to cure her. Afterwards, Selina was considered a hero for her contribution uncovering the evil scheme and Batman brought her back Isis, completely cured and back to normal.

Test Subject[]

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On a certain night, Selina was supposed to meet Bruce Wayne on a date for dinner, but she first stopped by the Gotham Zoo to visit some of the captive felines. At the Zoo, Selina was attacked by a man-beast, who used a dart to drug her and kidnapped her. By the time Selina recovered, she realized she was captive in the remote island of Dr. Emile Dorian; a mad scientist who wanted to use her for his next experiment.

TT 25 - The Catwoman

The Cat-Woman

By the time Batman located Selina, Dorian had already started the process and she had been morphed into an actual cat-like creature. Batman confronted Dorian and his powerful creation, Tygrus in order to retrieve the antidote for Selina's transformation. Meanwhile, Selina escaped and helped Batman against Dorian and both of them where in turn assisted by Tygrus, who turned against Dorian thanks to Selina's kindness. Tygrus tried to convince Selina to stay with him as a beast, but she refused and Tygrus provided the serum that would revert her transformation.

Saving Batman[]

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AGI 83 - Catwoman

Nine lives of Catwoman

After recovering her human form, Catwoman saved Batman from a deadly trap created by the Joker. Batman and strapped him to an electric chair, before a literal captive audience at gunpoint. With his assistant Harley Quinn at his side, the Joker demonstrated that the chair was activated through the power of laughter. Forcing the audience members to laugh through his laughing gas caused thousands of volts of electricity to shoot through the machine. Fortunately for Batman, Catwoman arrived in time to rescue him from the Joker’s clutches but is captured in his place. Under the Joker's instructions, Harley tied Catwoman to an assembly line at a cat food processing plant, where she was to be ground up and mixed with supplies of cat food. In the Joker's absence, Harley taunted her furious captive, who thrashed violently against her restrains, growling loudly into her gag. Discovering the Joker's plot, Batman eventually rescued the bound and gagged Catwoman and apprehended Harley, returning her previous favour. Selina proposes to Batman if they could stop their crime fighting lives to live a normal life; but Batman disappears. As she watched Batman swing away, Catwoman coyly smiles, shakes her head, and muses, "Hmm. Almost got 'im."


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"You know what, Isis? Extinction's for wimps."
Catwalk 04 - Catwoman Prowls Again

Catwoman prowls again

Despite this, Selina continued to uphold her court agreement and refrained from using the Catwoman persona for her own personal gains. Without the ability to live her life the way she wanted, Selina felt caged and alienated from society. After making a scene at a party (where she was a guest of Bruce's), Selina left. Hailing a taxi, she was instead picked up by Rhino, where she had a meeting with Scarface and the Ventriloquist. Scarface offered Selina a foolproof opportunity to resume the Catwoman identity and settle a bit of a score with Veronica Vreeland. Though she initially declined, the offer was too good; Catwoman took the mantle of crime once more.

Scarface had other plans. As Catwoman broke into the Gotham Museum, he set his henchmen to sound the alarm, drawing the guards' attention to the feline thief. Catwoman attempted to escape, but as she climbed a dinosaur skeleton to her presumed safety, Scarface detonated a pre-planted explosive, and Catwoman took the fall.

Catwoman managed to escape and retreated to her apartment. Planning to make a quick getaway out of Gotham, she instead received a visit from Batman. Investigating the burglary, he wanted to know Selina's involvement. She coerced him into believing she was innocent, and they agreed to return to the museum to explain her side of the story. There, the two did some quick detective work, and Catwoman quickly deduced Scarface's true intentions: cover up his own heist with a different theft. Catwoman made no hesitation to take Scarface on her own. Batman tried to stop her, but she evaded capture.

She tracked Scarface to an abandoned lumber mill, where he was selling the stolen animals to various buyers, including the Penguin. Thinking she was sneaking up on Scarface, in truth she had walked into a trap. She briefly escaped, only to run into Rhino, whose physical strength outmatched hers. He brought her to Scarface, and they planned to kill her. However, Batman, who had been tracking Selina all along, arrived.

While Batman held Rhino at bay, Catwoman chased the Ventriloquist and Scarface. Apprehending the doll, she tossed him onto a conveyor belt, where he was destroyed. She then planned to attack the Ventriloquist, but Batman stopped her. Giving in to her natural instincts, Catwoman grabbed the stuffed tiger and tossed it into a fire, forcing Batman to choose between rescuing a priceless relic and detaining the thief. As he dove into the fire and saved the statue, Catwoman escaped.

"Bats are just mice with wings, little girl."
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BR 59 - Lovely

Catwoman and Batgirl

Sometime later, a priceless Jade Cat Statue was stolen from Gotham University. Though a theft like that was certainly Catwoman's MO, Selina had not, in fact, committed the crime. Investigating the true perpetrator, she ran into Batgirl, who believed to have caught the thief returning to the crime scene. Catwoman explained her motives, and the two began to investigate, until Robin arrived to begin his own investigation. Sensing trouble for her court, Catwoman fled, promising to meet with Batgirl at a later point.

She did just that, waiting at the Bayshore Pier the following evening. Stating she was impressed by Batgirl's performance the night before, Catwoman offered a truce and a partnership. Batgirl agreed, with the condition that Catwoman would turn herself in if Batgirl discovered the feline was lying. The two headed to the Stacked Deck to get the information they wanted. The person they needed was the Chemist. Catwoman had acquired some of the residue from the traps that were dissolved, and wanted to know what acid was used. Though he fled, Catwoman deduced the acid was made by Roland Daggett.

The two headed to the same laboratory where Daggett had made the virus which once infected Catwoman, as well as the Renuyu drug. However, they'd walked into a trap. Daggett had wanted to lure Catwoman into a trap and succeeded in that. Planning to kill the two women, he unveiled his plot. He wasn't able to carry it forward; Robin arrived to even the odds. Catwoman broke free from her bonds and chased Daggett while Robin and Batgirl battled Daggett's thugs. Taking the Jade Cat for herself, she left Daggett dangling over a pit of acid while she escaped. Batgirl pursued and caught Selina, who agreed to hold her end of the bargain. However, she didn't specify how far she'd let the police take her and escaped once more.

Powers and Abilities[]

Catwoman had no abilities beyond those of a normal human being. However, she was relatively fit, and displayed some gymnastics training. Additionally, Selina was an effective seductress, a talent she employed to remove herself from treacherous situations, be they with Batman, the police, or otherwise. She also has a way with any feline, knowing how to keep her enemies' cats from attacking herself.


As a cat burglar, Catwoman is known for her field equipment she brings during her robberies.

  • Catsuit - Standard cat-costume with retractable claws in her gloves.
  • Cat Figurines - Razor sharp cat shaped figurines used to stall pursuers.
  • Whip - Catwoman uses this whip as a weapon or to grapple onto buildings.
  • Cat Whistle - To ensure Isis's safety, Catwoman carries this small cat whistle to summon the feline.
  • Camera - Catwoman carries this camera to take photographs of plans.


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Background Information[]

  • Selina Kyle's blonde hair is a reference to Michelle Pfeiffer's performance of the character in Batman Returns.