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Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is a famous vigilante and occasional thief that; is the love interest of Bruce Wayne in The New Batman Adventures.


You Scratch My Back[]

Some years later, Catwoman returned to Gotham City, now sporting a new look. Selina's first act back in Gotham involved Enrique El Gancho (Ricky the Hook) who began running a munitions smuggling ring through Gotham, a racket Nightwing was not about to let idly slip by. Breaking up one of the deliveries, he was chasing down a thug when Catwoman nabbed the con for him. Professing redemption, she began working with him to uncover all of Ricky's plans. All the while she began flirting with Nightwing in a shameless manner, much like she often did with Batman in the past.

Batman, however, didn't trust Selina's motives. Paying her a visit, he demanded she stay away from Nightwing, who happened to arrive shortly thereafter. Batman left, and Nightwing and Catwoman began to plan their next stakeout. According to the information they stole, a ship dubbed Little Angels was set to harbor in Gotham that night. Speculating it was the big shipment, Nightwing and Catwoman headed to the pier to investigate further.

YSMB 15 - Catwoman and Nightwing

Catwoman and Nightwing

Breaking into the ship was an easy task, and they quickly learned Ricky was smuggling artifacts. Catwoman, however, had done some smuggling of her own. Having stolen the Cats Eye Emerald (also known as the Jewel of Argentina), she set it in Ricky's cargo and waited for the ship to make its way to Gotham. She then used Nightwing as the tool to find it upon its arrival. However, Catwoman wasn't the only adept at deception. Nightwing and Batman had set Selina up, following her right to the Emerald. Ricky and his thugs arrived just then. While Batgirl, Batman, and Nightwing held them at bay, Catwoman escaped. The trio quickly dispatched the thugs, and while Batman fought Ricky, Nightwing pursued Catwoman. The feline planned to escape via boat, but Nightwing caught and apprehended her.

Cult of the Cat[]

Sometime later, Catwoman managed to steal a golden cat statue from a Cult. A cat worshiping Cult, to be specific. And a persistent one at that. The cult pursued Selina far outside their worshiping grounds. Fearing her life, she took refuge in the Batmobile, waiting for the Dark Knight to return. Pleading for help, he agreed, under one condition: Selina had to return everything she'd ever stolen. Though reluctant, she decided she valued her life more than her things and agreed to Batman's deal.

CoC 04 - Catwoman

Catwoman stealing gold cat statue

The two began to investigate just who was after Catwoman. They discovered Thomas Blake, the Cult's leader, was obsessed with revenge, which in turn made the Cult obsessed with revenge, as they had pursued Batman and Catwoman to one of Catwoman's hideouts. They escaped into the furnace, but the followers amplified the gas output and lit it, causing an explosion that threw the two vigilantes into the air. Batman escaped, but the Cult captured Catwoman.

Blake planned to sacrifice Catwoman, but Selina, ever the seductress, convinced him otherwise, and in fact left him believing she intended to join his Cult. In truth, however, she simply intended to steal more. When Batman arrived to free her, he caught her in the act. She once again professed a desire to change and when Batman believed her, she took the opportunity to knock him unconscious, this was in order to prevent the Cult from killing him outright, thus saving him for the time being. With Batman as his prisoner Blake and the Cult were led to believe Catwoman truly intended to join them, and they forwent her initiation.

With Catwoman at his side, Blake pit Batman against a genetically altered cat. But Selina quickly switched sides and joined the fray, aiding the Dark Knight. Turning the cat against its masters, Batman and Catwoman took the opportunity to escape the arena.

As they were leaving, however, Blake and his female assistant attacked. Catwoman quickly dispatched the woman and took Batman and Blake's preoccupation with one another as an opportunity to rob the Cult blind. After these events, and obviously aware she would never have a normal relationship with Batman, Selina is last seen living a wealthy life in Paris accompanied by her cat, Isis.

Background Information[]

  • When Batman: The Animated Series became The New Batman Adventures, Catwoman's character underwent some major changes. Her outfit changed from dark gray with black gloves and boots to entirely black. The mask (its eyeholes replaced by white lenses) only revealed her mouth and the area around it, and also made her skin appear chalk white (via greasepaint makeup) and darker red lipstick. Selina Kyle's look changed as well. Her hair changed from long and blonde to short and dark.