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This is general information about production inconsistences, mistakes and external references related to the episode Christmas With the Joker from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

  • When Batman and Robin drive away from the observatory, they pass by most scenery twice.
  • When Joker's goons attack Batman and Robin, Batman calls them "snipers", which they are not. They're ordinary gunmen.
  • When Robin rushes into the observatory, the eyes on his mask are blue.
  • Joker's last appearance in the DCAU (Justice League, "Wild Cards"), also featured a pirate television special, and in both episodes, Joker used the phrase "technical difficulties".
  • The Joker performs the famous kid song "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells". The song was referenced in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Panic in the Sky, when Flash uses the opening lyrics to "explain" Batman's absence.
  • The Giant Tin Soldier and Joker Statues are used in the Super Nintendo game The Adventures of Batman & Robin in the first stage "Amused to Death".
  • The Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas can be seen in the background when Joker rides up on the sleigh.
  • The man the Joker salutes after accepting a decoration from another inmate resembles Charles Manson.
  • The episode makes references to the following: