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Name: Matthew Hagen
Affiliation: Imperial Pictures
Daggett Industries
Sibling(s): Annie (creation/"daughter")
Portrayed by: Ron Perlman
First appearance: Feat of Clay Part I
Last appearance: Growing Pains
Appears in: 6 Episodes
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Clayface Theme
Composed by Shirley Walker

"I'm not an actor anymore! I'm not even... a man."

Matt Hagen, also known as Clayface, is a villain in Batman: The Animated Series.


Matt Hagen was an actor working for Imperial Pictures, once called "The Man of a million faces",[1] but he had been disfigured in a terrible car accident. While recovering in a burn clinic, he was approached by the corrupt industrialist Roland Daggett, who made him a test subject for a compound called "Renuyu" (pronounced "Renew You") that he promised would immediately restore his young good looks. In payment, Hagen impersonated people in an illegal manner for Daggett. Hagen greatly resented this, but was forced to comply, as the Renuyu chemical was extremely addictive and Daggett was the sole producer.

Hagen using Renuyu

Daggett had Hagen impersonate Bruce Wayne in order to obtain certain files from Lucius Fox, who was inadvertently wounded, but as Hagen failed due to Batman's interference. Wayne was arrested for the assault and brought in for questioning, but subsequently released. Hagen then attempted to steal a large amount of Renuyu from Daggett's factory. He was caught by Daggett's henchmen Germs and Raymond Bell, who tried to kill Hagen by pouring an entire vat of the chemical on to his face. Instead, the overdose saturated every cell in Hagen's body, altering his appearance to a bulky and misshapen clay-like form who can, for brief periods of time, shapeshift into anything or anyone he intends.[2]

Apparent death

Clayface subsequently attempted to get revenge on Daggett. He posed as an overweight woman in the audience of a talk show where Daggett was promoting Renuyu (after being released on the market) and then morphed back into himself to try and kill him. His efforts were stopped, however, by Batman using footage of Hagen's old movies to remind him of who he was, and thusly, what he has become. Clayface relents, and just prior to his capture by the Dark Knight, fakes his own death.[3]

Clayface then reappeared, coming out of hiding since the events of his vendetta against Daggett. Batman soon discovered that his body was beginning to deteriorate. He was temporarily restored to a semblance of health by a former medical adviser on his films, Dr. Stella Bates, who fell in love with Hagen. She sold her motel in order to raise funds for a laboratory in which to treat him. Batman tracked him down and prevented Dr. Bates' treatment of Clayface, partly because he stole the necessary formula compound from Wayne Biomedical Labs. During the ensuing fight, Hagen's unstable body absorbed too much rainwater to hold its cohesion, fell into the ocean, and his body dissolved in the saltwater.

However it turns out that the remains of his body were expose to waste chemicals from the pipes near a factory, allowing him to return to his original form, but was still too weak and had to wait for the process to be complete, So Clayface created a Young Girl and sent her out to look around and come back. However the moment she left, Annie forgot her orders and left towards Gotham. tired of waiting Clayface transform into a huge-muscle man and began his search for Annie while committing robberies. After finding her at the Bus Terminal with Robin, he revealed himself as Annie's Father and tries to reabsorb her, only to be interrupted by both Batman and Robin as he continued to search for her.

Later when Robin and Annie found themselves in the tunnel where she was suppose to return, Clayface appeared and return back to his normal self. As he and Robin continued to fight, with Clayface planning to dump Robin in a vat of chemical, Annie rushed in and tackled Clayface, resulting in Annie being absorb and Clayface becoming whole again. As an enraged Robin started to using a vat of solvent as the means to hurt Clayface he demanded her to bring her back but he insists that she is gone for good. During the fight, Batman appears and stopped Robin, giving Clayface the chance to take out the heroes, only to have the sparks from his axe hands to create an explosion from the liquid from before and knocked out Clayface. As he was being taken away, one of the officers inform Gordon about the charges of the robberies, with Robin quietly saying "Murder" to be added for killing the girl he fell for.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Clayface's unique cellular structure allowed him to transform his body into any shape or form he desires.
  • Previously Hagen was a talented actor, this gave him the capability to impersonate people with ease, allowing him to escape arrest frequently.
  • Clayface could extend his limbs a considerable distance, and could also control his size and density. Because of this, he was able to fashion blades, spikes, and massive blocks out of his form.
  • His amorphous body was able to absorb various objects, which he'd use to suffocate opponents.
  • Clayface had the ability to separate himself into different entities at once.


Video Games

Clayface Design.jpg


  • The BTAS incarnation of Clayface is a combination of two separate villains to have taken up the alias of Clayface from the original comics. The first was a golden-age villain named Basil Karlo, who was an actor that went insane after his most iconic film was remade and he couldn't find work, prompting him to take up crime under the alias Clayface, while the other was a silver-age villain named Matt Hagen who was a treasure-hunter that stumbled upon a subterranean pool of chemicals which turned him into a clay monster.