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Clio was Maximilian Zeus' assistant and girlfriend. He called her Clio, his muse of history.


Clio had a difficult task in handling Max's court cases. He was suspected of bribery, smuggling, extortion, racketeering and a myriad of other felonies. He shrugged it off, deluded by his own fantasies. Though Clio cared for him, she saw him going downhill. She hid her true love for him behind cynicism but cried on the inside.

Though others simply called the "Greek stuff" Maxie's "thing", Clio was worried it would destroy both the company and Maxie himself. She helped Batman sneak into the building, hoping he could get Maxie back to his senses again. But as she made her way to her office, Alex denied her entrance.

She got out unto the roof anyway. After he shot down a police blimp, she tried to reason with him, but he dismissed her and had Alex tie her to the EDC. Though she would be killed if it was fired, it was all part of his delusion: once dead, she could rise as a goddess and rule at his side. Batman managed to cut her down but was blown off the building by Maxie. Triumphant, he aimed the EDC at the streets below, but Batman returned. He threw Zeus' thunderbolt into the machine. Clio watched in horror as Maxie jumped after it and was badly wounded in the blast.

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