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Competitron Headquarters

Competitron Software was a software company originally owned by Daniel Mockridge.


Competitron was best known for the computer game Riddle of the Minotaur, the brainchild of Edward Nygma. However, while Minotaur made millions of dollars for the company, Nygma was denied royalties on his game, and fired when he tried to sue for them. Mockridge brushed him off, claiming that Competitron's strength lay in its "corporate attitude", rather than its products.

Two years later, the Minotaur franchise was still Competitron's leading source of revenue. It had become a merchandising phenomenon, culminating in the creation of an amusement park. Even so, Mockridge had decided to sell his company to Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox, of Wayne Enterprises. For his part, Wayne's only real interest in Competitron was to move the company to Gotham City, where it would boost the dangerously low employment rate.

The sale was interrupted by a threat on Mockridge's life from Nygma, who had returned to the limelight as The Riddler with an elaborate scheme for revenge on his old boss. Ultimately, he was rescued from an untimely death by Batman, but the Riddler escaped.

In the incident's aftermath, the deal went through and Competitron's operations were moved to Gotham. Mockridge himself made ten million dollars on the sale, but was left in constant fear that Nygma might come back for him.


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