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Crime Alley

Crime Alley is a historical landmark in Gotham City.


Once called Park Row, Crime Alley began as a decent suburban neighbourhood. One notable resident was Leslie Thompkins. One night a robber named Joe Chill murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne in full sight of their eight year old son Bruce after they had seen a film. Chill was first arrested the very same night he murdered them after fleeing the scene. While police investigated, Thompkins looked after Bruce, and remained friends for the rest of their lives. The "Park Row Tragedy", as the tabloids called it, was a pivotal point in Bruce Wayne's life. Not only did it leave him orphaned but it was the event that inspired him to undergo his training in order to become Batman.

Roland Daggett, head of Daggett Industries tried endlessly to get Crime Alley demolished and replaced with a mini-mall he proposed. After legal grounds proved unsuccessful, Daggett sent enforcers to forcibly evict the residents, and hired Nitro to blow the block up. Nitro agreed, and set up a plan in which it would appear a gas main ruptured. The plan was foiled by Batman. Only several already condemned buildings were destroyed, while the SRO Hotel, where there were still people, remained undamaged. Following the incident, Bruce Wayne used his influence and public image to keep the street preserved. Bruce visits Crime Alley and places flowers on the ground where his parents were shot annualy.