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FoC I 31 - Daggett Industries

Daggett Industries, is the personal company of Roland Daggett. His business produced pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biological products; as well as real estate and land development. Daggett Industries, although nominally legitimate, was often unethical in its business practises. It is a rival company and main competitor to Wayne Enterprises.

After its Renuyu face cream was tested on actor Matt Hagen to try and restore his prior appearance after a car accident deformed his face, Daggett used Hagen's ensuing addiction to his product in order to force Hagen to carry out various crimes on his company's behalf. This included framing Bruce Wayne in an attempt to kill Lucius Fox. Renuyu's terrible addictive side-effects and the botched attempt to murder Hagen in a coverup of the scandal were responsible for Hagen's transformation into the villain Clayface.

One of Daggett Industries subsidiaries, the Daggett Development Corporation, was implicated in a failed attempt to detonate explosives in the Crime Alley district of Gotham in a plot to redevelop the land at a considerable profit. Once again, Daggett's plans were frustrated by Batman.

Daggett Labs, another subsidiary, later employed scientist Dr. Milo, who created a highly virulent virus he intended to infect the people of Gotham City by infecting stray animals. Daggett planned to allow the virus to spread before selling the antidote at an enormous profit, but his scheme was stopped together by the Dark Knight and Catwoman. The failure of this gambit left Daggett in considerable feduciary debt.

Despite Daggett Industries successfully weathering the various scandals in which Roland Daggett was able to deny culpability, he was eventually exposed through the combined efforts of Batgirl and Catwoman and arrested for his crimes. The fate of Daggett Industries after the eventual arrest of Roland Daggett is unknown.

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