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Dan Riley was one of Boss Biggis' slaves.


Riley was a happily married father. He worked as a steam fitter at the Gotham Navy Yard, and two nights a week he worked as a volunteer at the Dock Street Rescue Mission. One night on his way home, he was attacked by three men, and woke up in Biggis' mining camp.

At the camp, he became good friends with Salvo Smith, and later also Gaff Morgan. When Salvo's cynicism got him a penalty in solitary, Dan and Gaff fought off the guards, ending up in the hole themselves. While Dan lost himself to despair, Gaff escaped, and remembered who he really was: Batman.

After Batman shut down Biggis' operation, Riley was reunited with his family and the priest at the Dock Street Rescue Mission. Salvo moved in with them until he got a better place to stay.

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