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Eddie G. was a low level gangster that worked for Rupert Thorne.


Eddie worked for Rupert Thorne's drug business. He brought along his old friend Sidney Debris, who had high ambitions within the mob, for a job in the harbor, but did not tell him what it was. At the drug pick-up, Eddie's friends asked what they brought him for, and Eddie explained Sidney would make an excellent distraction for Batman.

While Eddie and his mates finished the job, Batman arrived and as expected, went straight for Sidney. In the ensuing fight, which Eddie saw from below, Batman was seemingly killed when a propane tank exploded.

Eddie brought Sidney back to the relative safety of a nearby bar and praised him as the man who killed the Batman. During the party, the gangsters and the bikers, also present, came to a brawl. Eddie was arrested and locked up at the police department.

Sidney later mentioned that Eddie was the one who told him that Rupert Thorne was behind the drug business when Sidney wanted to get out of town before anyone else came after him.

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