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Electronic Discharge Cannon

The Electronic Discharge Cannon, also known as the EDC, is a federal government's weapon of incredible power.

The EDC was stolen by Maxie Zeus when his company, Maximillian Shipping Line, was in charge of the transfer of the weapon. Zeus placed it on the top of his "Olympus" building and used it for his own amusement.

Maxie used the EDC to take down a police blimp when he felt that "Mount Olympus" was being approached by "mere humans". He also planned to use it on his assistant and partner Clio in order to transform her into a Goddess so she can rule the world with him. Fortunately, Batman arrived in time to save Clio from Zeus' plans and then, he used Zeus' own lightning rod to break the cannon and disable it. Zeus leapt after it and electrocuted himself unconscious.