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Ntf 11 - Fear Gas

Scarecrow spraying his Fear Gas.

The Fear gas was a chemical gas created by the Scarecrow. The gas makes people who inhale it to see their worst fears. It is also named Fear Toxin.


Nothing to Fear[]

When a security guard holds Scarecrow and his men gunpoint, Scarecrow sprays him with fear gas from his glove, making the guard hallucinate spiders all over his body.

When Batman fought Anthony in the bank vault, Scarecrow infects Batman with a dart laced with fear toxin making him see hallucinations of his father, Thomas Wayne, calling him a disgrace and telling him he shamed the Wayne Family's name.

When Scarecrow and his men attacked the benefit ceremony at Gotham University, he sprays fear gas through the air vents, infecting everyone, and he sprayed Dr. Long with his glove, making him see hallucinations of himself dying.

When Batman fought Scarecrow and Nigel on his zeppelin, Scarecrow attempted to inject Batman with another fear toxin laced dart, but infects Nigel instead, leading him to hallucinations of prison walls closing in on him. At the end, Scarecrow gets infected by his own gas, leading him to see hallucinations of a bat attacking him and Batman a monstrous bat creature, leading him to his arrest.

Fear of Victory[]

Scarecrow infects athletes with telegrams laced with fear toxin, including Dick Grayson, to bet against their teams for the money to fund his experiments. However, after solving the case, Batman thwarted Scarecrow's plan and apprehended him.

Dreams in Darkness[]

Scarecrow escapes Arkham Asylum to infect Gotham City with a massive dose of fear gas dumped into their water supply. After learning of a robbery at a spa, Batman gets exposed to the gas himself after he thwarted Scarecrow's henchman, Torchy, leading him to see hallucinations of his enemies and allies, leading him to be committed to Arkham. After escaping and overcoming his fears, Batman thwarted Scarecrow's scheme and placed him back in his cell.