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"Look, Bruce, that 'People Company' line is great PR, but when the wage slaves start acting like they own the place, it's time to pull the plug."
―Ferris Boyle[src]

Ferris Boyle is the sleazy, corrupt former C.E.O. of the GothCorp organization.


Ferris Boyle was a top level businessman in Gotham City, who became the head of the company GothCorp. While he portrayed to the public that both the company and himself were kind hearted and caring to "the people", in reality he was a corrupt and unsympathetic individual.

This was proved to the extreme when Boyle forcibly shut down the cryogenic sleep process of Nora Fries, the terminally ill wife of company scientist Dr. Victor Fries. He cited the cost of the procedure and the fact that it was unauthorised and ordered his men to pull the plug. Victor himself was caught in the following expulsion of fumes when the process was halted that caused his disfiguration, leading him to become the villain Mr. Freeze.

Years later, Freeze resurfaced and launched an all out personal vendetta on Boyle, stealing various components from GothCorp to build a giant freezing ray. While initially attempting to foil Freeze, Batman discovered a recording of Boyle's role in Nora and Victor's conditions. Despite stopping his plans, he was sympathetic to Freeze's past. Batman handed the recording over to the police who arrested Boyle for his part in Freeze's disfigurement and Nora's disappearance.



  • Boyle and Gothcorp are both referenced to in the video game Batman: Arkham City.
  • The name Boyle is a reference to the word boil, which is the opposite reaction to water to freezing.
  • Originally Mark Hamill was slated to do a one-spot episode. However, his work as Ferris Boyle so impressed the producers that when Tim Curry, the original actor considered for Joker declined the role, Hamill was cast.