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Frankie was Simon Trent's agent.


Frankie struggled to get Trent auditions as the actor had been typecast from his work in the television series The Gray Ghost. He called Trent to tell him that he had been rejected for a part. Trent pleaded with Frankie to find him anything as he was bankrupt and could no longer afford basic necessities such as rent. Frankie said that he tries, but interest in the Gray Ghost has waned. When Simon said he is an actor capable of playing other roles, Frankie told him to hang on as something was bound to come up. Although not specific, Frankie was right when Bruce Wayne discovered Simon Trent owned original film canisters of the Gray Ghost episodes. The studio that produced the Gray Ghost had burned down and people thought the original recordings had been lost to the ages. By converting the film reels to modern video, people flocked to get home video recordings of the Gray Ghost, and Trent's career was revived.

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