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Goliath was the stage name of a former circus performer.


Named for his enormous size and strength, Goliath abandoned show business in favor of a pastoral life on a farm with several other retired performers. He was valuable as the farm's strongman, able to accomplish feats of labor that would normally require heavy machinery. Although his great strength would probably have been marketable in other venues, Goliath began to tire of people staring at him and looking at him oddly, and thus opted to work on Richard's farm and mill.

When Killer Croc made his way onto their farm, Goliath welcomed him as another tormented "freak" and even stood up to Batman when he followed Croc, meaning to apprehend him. When Croc turned on the group and locked them in a cage, Goliath helped Batman to break one of the bars and enable him to escape, something even the Dark Knight would have been unable to do alone.

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