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During H.A.R.D.A.C.'s reign of terror over the Cybertron company, its second created duplicant was James Gordon. He is an impostor.


H.A.R.D.A.C. created this robotic duplicant of Commissioner James Gordon with the purpose to replace the real James Gordon as Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department at Gotham City. One night, the duplicant went to Gordon's house in company of Randa Duane, its creator's first duplicant, and once there he electrocuted Gordon with a taser, leaving him unconscious and allowing Duane to take him after removing his robe. After settling in the house, the duplicant began to behave coldly towards Barbara Gordon, Gordon's daughter, simply answering that "I'm fine" to all her questions.

A day later, the duplicant had already adapted himself to its position as Commissioner in the GPD. After ordering Barbara to get out from its office, he ordered Harvey Bullock to go to Cybertron and find Randa Duane, then it called Bruce Wayne to tell it to meet at the Gotham Club so it could tell him what it had found out about the "protein-silicon wafer chips" theft at Wayne Enterprises. Later at the Gotham Club, the duplicant appeared at room where Bruce Wayne was taken by Hamilton Hill's duplicant to reveal the truth of what was happening in reality, but Wayne escaped and locked the duplicants in the room, albeit for a short period.

After Barbara was captured by Duane and Karl Rossum's duplicant, the duplicant held Barbara in order to subdue Batman, who arrived at the factory to rescue the captives. However, it was knocked with a kick by Batman when they released the captives from the cryogenic tank in which they were placed by the duplicants. After Rossum's duplicant was destroyed, the duplicant adopted an arachnid pose and tried to corner Batman, who threw a grenade at it. Knowing that it could dodge the bomb easily, the duplicant jumped aside, but only then he learned that the grenade was going to the system of H.A.R.D.A.C. Willing to sacrifice its own existence for its creator's, the duplicant jumped to remove the grenade, but just before it could throw the bomb, the grenade exploded, taking its along with a part of its creator with the explosion. The torn torso of the duplicant fell aside after its destruction.