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Gotham Airport

Gotham Airport was the airport located in Gotham City.


Charlie Collins arrives at the airport where he was greeted by Harley Quinn disguised as a police officer.

Francine Langstrom boards an airplane at the airport after she left her husband, not knowing he boarded the plane to inform her that he's not Man-Bat anymore, and he finds out his wife is She-Bat.

Bruce ordered Alfred to contact Dick at the airport while he pursues Hugo Strange, Joker, Penguin and Two-Face.

The Penguin drives the Batmobile to the airport by remote control, where he attempted to kill Batman and Robin by driving them from the top of the carpark building, but they escaped while the Batmobile plunged off the roof where it exploded on the ground. After Penguin see that Batman and Robin survived, he and his henchmen tried to escape, but their limousine was destroyed by a passing airplane, leading to Penguin's arrest.

Bane arrives in Gotham via airplane where he was greeted by Candice who took him to Rupert Thorne.

Batman and Robin follow Ra's al Ghul and Ubu to the airport where he revealed that the man kidnapped from the retirement home was Arkady Duvall, Ra's al Ghul's son.