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Gotham City Hall

Gotham City Hall was the seat of the mayor and council people of Gotham City.


It is the municipal city hall headed by Mayor Hamilton Hill. It appears at the beginning of On Leather Wings where Harvey Bullock orders Hill his own tactical squad to capture Batman for a crime he didn't commit.

Sometime later, Hill was attacked by a robot lookalike of himself along with robot copies of his council members. While the real Hill was taken away by the robot copy, Batman destroys the robot council members by dropping them in an elevator.

During Penguin's theft of the Raven X1-11, he contacts Hill in his office via video camera to demand the ransom money, much to Hill's chagrin. During his meeting with Commissioner Gordon and Bullock about agreeing to Penguin's demands, Batman, sporting radar vision, arrives and informs a plan to trick Penguin.

When Clock King resurfaced to continue his revenge, Hill was placed under police protection in his office. Using his special device that creates lightspeed, Fugate attempts to do away with Hill, but he was thwarted by Batman and Robin.