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Gotham Island Tramway

Gotham Island Tramway was an abandoned tramway in Gotham City.


This is the place where Matt Hagen disguised as Bruce Wayne setup a meeting with Lucius Fox to get the incriminating papers with Raymond Bell, Germs and a third gunman to kill Lucius under the orders of Roland Daggett.

However, when Hagen failed to get the papers, the henchmen open fire on Lucius as he attempted to escape, but gets knocked out by a hanging sign shot down by Bell. Before the henchmen can finish off Lucius, Batman arrives and stops them, while Hagen slipped away in the confusion. Batman managed to subdue one of the thugs while Bell and Germs escaped just as the police arrive. As they apprehended the remaining thug, Lucius regained enough conciseness to tell the officers that Bruce Wayne set him up.