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Showdown - Gotham Retirement Villas

The Gotham Retirement Villas is an organization that takes care of elder people and operates in Gotham City.


Arkady Duvall was transferred to the Gotham Retirement Villas when he turned too old to be able to sustain himself.

One night, Ra's al Ghul and the Society of Shadows broke into the Gotham Retirement Villas in order to take Arcady Duvall, Ra's son, out of the city. Ra's men used a pump to introduce knockout gas into the building using the air vents, to eliminate the orderlies and guards of the building. Once the orderlies where incapacitated, the group moved in and Ra's lead them to the room where his son was staying. However, Batman and Robin arrived and started to eliminate Ra's men, but they were too late to prevent Ra's from taking Arcady and all the found was an audio tape left by Ra's for them to listen.