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Gotham Zoo

Gotham Zoo during Winter

The Gotham City Zoo is a large zoological park in Gotham City. They had a bat-exhibit, as well as a rare vulture, the alligators of sewer king, a large aviary, Alaskan timberwolves and several types of wild cats. The hyena of the joker are presumed send in this zoo after the joker are arrested. The big wild cat from Thomas Blake are send to the zoo.

The Gotham Zoo is the leader in animal research under Dr. March's guidance. March along with his daughter Francine Langstrom and his son-in-law Kirk Langstrom are the main researchers on bat species.[1] Kirk and March are the resposibles for the creation of the mutagen that transforms people into bat-creatures.[2]


Gotham Zoo's Second Entrance

The Zoo is visited by many people in the city. Selina Kyle has a predilection for visiting the wildcats, even when the Zoo is closed to the public.[3]

A couple of Alaskan timberwolves were stolen from the Zoo by Achilles Milo, with help from John Hamner, a guard that used to work at the Zoo.[4]

The Zoo has also been used as a trap place for Batman by the criminal known as The Penguin. Penguin named his trap the "Aviary of Doom".[5]


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