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Gregory Belson was the former head of cryogenics laboratories at GothCorp working alongside Victor Fries but was eventually removed once the laboratories were closed.


Years later, Belson made a bad investment and went bankrupt as he was unable to keep up with all his debts. It was during this crisis that Belson's former colleague, Victor approached him as Mister Freeze and offered him a large amount of gold in exchange of Belson's assistance saving his wife Nora.

Belson agreed, even though Freeze's plan consisted of kidnapping Barbara Gordon in order to perform an organ transplant to save Nora and would kill Barbara. Belson was about to perform the transplant, but thanks to Koonak, Barbara escaped. Belson chased her on Freeze's hideout in an oil rig and started shooting at her, which caused the whole place to catch on fire. When the oil rig started coming down, Belson abandoned the place and tried to reach safety on a small boat but was ultimately killed by falling debris from the collapsing oil rig.