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Harlequin Diamond

The Harlequin Diamond is a jewel worth 3 million dollars and it used to be in the Gotham Museum of Natural History. It was targeted by The Joker to be stolen but Batman arrived and precented him from stealing it. Joker was angry for not being able to steal the jewel and he blamed Harley Quinn for their failure and he kicked her out of the gang. In an effort to show Joker that she was capable of doing things by herself, she broke into the Museum and stole the diamond for herself.

When Joker realized that she was more successful than him, he tracked her down and tried to stole all the loot that Harley and Poison Ivy. Batman stopped Joker while Renée Montoya arrested Harley and Ivy.[1]


  • The name of the diamond that Harley steals is misspelled on its casing. It reads "HARLEOUIN" instead of the more likely "HARLEQUIN".