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Harley Quinn is the alter ego of Harley Frances Quinzel, a former phsyichiatrist and criminal. Beginning her career as a doctor in Arkham Asylum, she changed and became Joker's girlfriend and henchwoman in The New Batman Adventures.


Early Life[]

Harleen Quinzel was once a career-oriented psychiatrist whose life took a radical turn when she chose to spend a semester interning at Arkham Asylum. Upon meeting Dr. Joan Leland for the first time, the more senior doctor warned the eager and vastly inexperienced Harleen to be careful around the inmates. Originally drawn to the "glamor" of the inmates, she was unexpectedly intrigued by the Joker.

She organized regular therapy sessions with him, during which the Joker manipulated the inexperienced Harleen by telling her tales of a cruel father and an abusive childhood, mixed in with his early attempts at comedy. He made her laugh as much as he made her cry, and she fell hopelessly in love with him largely based on sympathy. This led her to develop an irrational hatred for Batman, whom she believed to be the true villain.

One night, after the Joker's most recent escape and re-capture by Batman, Quinzel snapped and resolved to free her beloved Joker and run off with him, adopted the clownish persona of Harley Quinn. Thereafter, she became his semi-constant companion and lover. Their volatile relationship often led to her leaving him or getting kicked out by the Joker, but always ended up going back to him in the end. For the Joker's part, while he had found her to be an annoyance some of the time, he was able to skillfully manipulate her to serve his needs. As a result of her criminal activities with the Joker, she also ended up being wanted in at least twelve American States.

Current Life[]

Unfortunately, Harley did not have much luck at being rehabilitated again and eventually returned to being the Joker's girl. However, after an incident involving Commissioner Gordon was botched, Harley began to re-examine her life. Realizing in a crazed manner that Batman was the cause of the Joker's obsession, Harley devised a plan to capture him. Much to the surprise of Batman and the Joker, her plan not only worked, but according to Batman was more likely to kill him than anything the Joker had ever devised before. However, Batman managed to escape by convincing Harley to call the Joker for approval, knowing the Joker would be furious at the idea of anyone other than him killing that Dark Knight.

As expected, the Joker was furious and threw Harley out of a window, nearly killing her and released Batman. Recovering in Arkham, Harley seemingly finally realized the Joker would never truly love her and was nothing more than an insane killer, but she returned to her hapless devotion to him upon seeing a single rose in a vase from him by her bedside table with a note wishing her well and a speedy recovery.