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This is background information and production notes of the episode Heart of Ice, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production Notes[]

  • This is the first episode of the series directed by Bruce Timm and written by Paul Dini.
  • Batman says "My God!" while watching the tape, which was unusual in a cartoon, as the censors considered any mention of religion or any expletive inappropriate. Timm mentioned on the DVD commentary for the episode that he considers it strange they never caught it. When Toon Disney aired this episode, the network removed the phrase. They also removed Freeze's line, "I'd kill for that."
  • The planned ending was to have a weeping Freeze in his cell, with his tears freezing and turning into snowflakes. Timm and Dini mentioned that if they could go back and do any episode again, they would do "Heart of Ice" and would include this. This idea was later used on the film Batman and Robin.
  • The original idea for the flashback video was to have Freeze cling to Nora's cryogenic tank and realize in horror that his hair, now frozen, is breaking off in chunks. Paul Dini stated that he wanted to do this in pre-production, but they were over air time and cut it out.
  • Spectrum Animation Studios added the hint of frost around Freeze's helmet, giving it a sense of realism. Bruce Timm wanted a thin white line around his head, implying it was a helmet, but he admitted he was impressed with the final product.

Voice Acting[]

  • Bruce Timm first thought of Anthony Hopkins and Anthony Zerbe to play Mr. Freeze, but later came up with Michael Ansara to voice the character. Ansara initially clashed with Timm, who wanted Freeze to sound like a robot, without showing any emotion; Ansara said that this would make the character sound too flat. He eventually found the right voice, however.
  • The police officer in the scene which introduces Mr. Freeze was voiced by Bob Hastings, the voice of Commissioner Gordon.
  • Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Joker on the show, voiced the character Ferris Boyle.
  • The only character whose performance was left uncredited was Mister Freeze's henchman Johnny.


"Heart of Ice" has been released several times as part of the following Home video sets: