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Dr. Hugo Strange is a minor villain featured in Batman: The Animated Series.


Hugo Strange was a psychiatrist running a rest hospital which he used to blackmail Gotham City's elites with secrets he discovered with a machine that reads their thoughts and memories. Bruce Wayne goes to the hospital and underwent the "treatment," which resulted in Strange to discover his secret alter-ego. He attempted to auction off the information to three of Gotham's top crime bosses: The Joker, Two-Face, and The Penguin. Two-Face had personally known Bruce Wayne ever since childhood, and later accuses Strange of fraud when Batman switches the tape with one he had created that portrayed Strange as fabricating the secret identity.

Strange tries to save himself by simply telling the villains that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but they simply scoffed at the idea, thinking he was lying. Two-Face sarcastically comments that if Bruce Wayne was Batman, he was the King of England. The trio then tries to kill him by throwing him out of an airplane. Batman saves him at the last minute however, and had Robin show up at the crime scene disguised as Bruce Wayne to discredit Strange's claims of knowing the Dark Knight's secret identity. Hugo Strange is then taken into police custody.


  • Originally he was going to appear in another episode (Mind Games) where he would've wiped the memories of Batman, Robin and Alfred so the other villains can go on a crime spree.
    Hugo Strange