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Isis was Catwoman's favorite cat. She used Isis to reach valuables in difficult places.[1]


The Cat and the Claw Part I[]

Isis joins her mistress in stealing a valuable necklace. She was saved by Batman from nearly getting run over by a truck and reunites with Catwoman after hearing her mistress's cat whistle. She later joins Catwoman in infiltrating Multigon, but were discovered by Red Claw and her henchman. After escaping, Catwoman was nearly killed by Red Claw, but Batman rescued her.

The Cat and the Claw Part II[]

As Selina dons her Catwoman suit to infiltrate Red Claw's base, she tells Isis she can't come with her this time.

Cat Scratch Fever[]

During Selina's arrest, Maven accidentally left a window opened in Selina's apartment, and Isis ran away to look for Selina. She was captured by Roland Daggett's henchmen, Paunch and Jessy, and injected by a virus developed by Professor Milo. When Catwoman infiltrated the lab, she finds Isis in a cage. But when she released her cat, Isis bites Catwoman and ran away, and Catwoman gets infected by the virus. After Batman defeated Daggett's henchmen and cured Catwoman, he found Isis and cured her and returned her to Selina who was overjoyed that Batman cured her pet.


When Selina gets tempted by The Ventriloquist and Scarface into stealing the Vreelands' jewel collection from the museum, Isis was used to distract the guard while Catwoman steals the jewels. When Catwoman learnt the Ventriloquist and Scarface used her while they stole the priceless stuffed animals, Catwoman tracked them down to the lumber mill. While hiding, Isis gave away Catwoman's location by making a noise, and Scarface drops down the log she's hiding on and falls to a conveyor belt leading to a circular saw. Scarface starts the saw and Isis tries to wake Catwoman. She recovers just in time to escape certain death but soon she is grabbed by Rhino. As Rhino manhandles Catwoman, Isis jumps down on Rhino's back, and before he could harm her, Catwoman saved her by roundhouse kicking him in the chest.


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