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Jaguar Shaman is a native shaman from Central America that was forced to work for The Mad Hatter.


When Veronica Vreeland traveled to Central America, The Mad Hatter followed her to complete his plan. Hatter approached Jaguar Shaman because of his craftsmanship of making dolls known as Worry Men. Hatter used one of his mind controlling devices on Shaman to use him and his dolls to install his mind controlling chips. Disguised. Hatter approached Veronica and gave her the dolls made by Jaguar Shaman.

Back in Gotham City, Veronica started using the dolls as she was told and she gave the rest of them to her many wealthy friends including Bruce Wayne and Hayden Sloan. Jaguar Shaman ws taken to Gotham with Hatter and used as a henchman by the madman. Shaman spied on Veronica to make sure that she delivered the dolls, but he was confronted by Batman. After a brief fight with the Dark Knight, Shaman distracted him enough to escape and avoid the confrontation.

Shaman was also used to drive a small boat to Veronica's yatch in order to retrieve the jewels she was going to throw overboard, but he and the other two henchmen were defeated by Batman.


Shaman on his normal attire

when Batman finally learned Hatter's plans and hideout, he went to the place and fought Shaman along with two other henchmen, that were also mind controlled by Hatter. Batman used a sonar device to disrupt the mind controlling devices from then and when they took off their hats, they returned to normality and sought revenge against Hatter. However, Shaman stopped them from hurting Hatter and asked them to leave the man's justice to the police.

In the end, Shaman did not placed charges against Hatter and instead he asked Bruce Wayne for a ticket back to his land. However, Shaman left a little present for Hatter, in the form of a tiny "worry Bat-man", to make him see the error of his ways, under his pillow in Arkham Asylum and Hatter couldn't have a good night's sleep since then.