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Doctor Joan Leland was the chief psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum.


Joan Leland is a no-nonsense and undaunted woman. She takes her possession as chief psychiatrist seriously, but she cares for her patients, especially her favorite patient, Harley Quinn.

Physical Description[]

Joan Leland is a slender, petit, hourglass-figured young African American woman with chin length black hair, black eyes, and red lips. She wears a white coat over a light green light sleeved blouse, a black miniskirt and black heeled shoes. She also sports a light green headband and a yellow nametag on her left breast side of her coat.


Doctor Joan Leland was a respected and no-nonsense professional, undaunted by the famous cases that lived in Arkham Asylum. She told that much to Dr. Harleen Quinzel when she came to work at the asylum. It was to no avail, as the young doctor would later become a patient herself. Dr. Leland eventually tried hard to get her back to sanity, though the holiday was a brief one.