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John Hamner was a guard at the Gotham Zoo.


Hamner was approached by an unknown party about two Alaskan Timberwolves at the zoo. He would be paid if he left the wolves' cages unlocked and decided to go along with it.

Soon after, Hamner was attacked by a giant wolf creature. He tried to get away, but he was knocked out. Batman's intervention saved Hamner's life, though the wolf did manage to throw him in the water. He came to, but when he saw Batman, he fainted again.

Detective Bullock did some investigating and after learning the motive behind the attack, he arrested Hamner.


  • The character design of John Hamner was also used for the security guard in the episode Tyger, Tyger; but the character was voiced by a different voice actor, and it was never established a relation between the characters. Although it would be easy to assume it is the same character, it's rather inconvenient due to lack of solid evidence.

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